Constant Improvement

Companies, like any other living organism, go through a series of steps for development, focusing primarily on their objectives.
Despite being primal, the basis of progress is not only related to the employee training or attitude. Although, encouraging the work that engages performance is key for multiple work aspects, everything works together to consolidate organizational growth.
In Grupo ABX we invest in favor of our unified progression. Due that the constant improvement relays in multiple variables, our effort to handle each of them works with an efficient iniciative.
In favor to all improvement, we have been progressively implementing areas with better quality equipment. At the end of last year we delivered new and remodeled spaces, dedicated to lockers and bathrooms so that our plant employees could dispose of them and keep their belongings safely.
On the other hand, in April we received a new food service concessionaire, who will now be serving food to all plant and office workers at the location.
According to all this new services, we trust that the welfare of all our employees will be enhanced to influence on their daily performance.
Even though we know that the effort and the way we do things is key, we mentioned that "everything works together." Therefore, we have focused our efforts in another variable for development and recently installed new machinery in one of our división (ABX TEFLU). With this, the optimization of added value when it comes to the process and production, have made the division one of the main competitors in the supply of tubes in the automotive branch.
We will continue to grow and empower ourselves as one of the best companies in the steel industry.