Following a strategy in which the promotion of self-growth involves the productive development of our employees; takes place in our primal approaches as an organization.
Investing in favor of human development consists of extending our reaching capacities from the aptitudes that we all possess, in order to progress and increase the efficiency of the process of autonomous labor that leads to a more productive worker.
In the last months, these structures have been put in motion by our collaborators; their skills have been enhanced by different courses that operate among our different levels of working positions, managing different topics of our internal labor.

For example, in march, one of our divisions performed an external workshop with activities related to:

In april, we brought together our highest positions (Managers) to teach and promote the ability of feedback in order to have a better communication and improve their performance.
On the other hand, to maintain the best level of security and production, plant workers received a course about the use of heavy machinery involving the productiveness of the process.
In favor of all, this disciplines suppress the margin of error, reaffirming our compromise. We will continue to invest more than necessary for our culture speaks about growth and ongoing development.